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It starts with Halloween, then Thanksgiving, Christmas/Hannukah, New Year’s, Super Bowl, (Gasparilla if you live in Tampa although it has been postponed), Valentine’s and finally Mardi Gras. Or do we add in Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day?

What am I talking about? Food, eating, breaking diets, overeating, inflammation, bloating, gas, splurging, falling off the wagon, beating yourself up, finding excuses to continue eating the way you are eating and finding blame everywhere.



I saw a post on Insta the other day talking about people asking why one chooses to eat a certain way aka “shaming” -gluten free, dairy free, plant based, etc., and the impression that it denies oneself by doing so. My comment was that many of these people are uncomfortable with letting go of their discomfort and/or pain that is related to their lifestyle choices because then they would be free (er) to live to the best of their abilities. Many people identify themselves by their chronic issues -diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, GERD, IBS, autoimmune issues.  Being ‘sick’ validates them. Many people do not know that by changing their eating lifestyles and identifying/changing their lifestyles, there is a large opportunity to change their health (physical and mental).

But that requires change, and work, and commitment, and self-discipline.  And people even lose friends (and family) when they change their lifestyle.  It is sad when that happens.  What makes me sad is that people would rather sit in their grief, sadness, illness, depression, fears, and embrace that while blaming others, labeling others, auditing what can or cannot be said around them, judging others just as harshly as they do not want to be judged.

I am talking from experience, both sides of the fence.  I have sat in my fears and grief, eating/drinking to hide from feelings. That is what emotional eating is all about. It does not feel good except in that moment and the numbness is quite temporary.

Releasing that fear, grief, sadness, illness, depression, etc.  Healing from that fear, grief, etc., and moving forward is totally exhilarating. And energizing, and freeing. 

I like to empower others by what they are eating.  Since I learned the intimate connection between food and health, I have made it my lifelong goal to empower others on whatever step of their journey they are on.  Maybe it is adding one more serving of veggies to their eating each day.  Maybe it is saying no to that last bite of dessert on the plate ( that is SUPER tough to leave that last bite).  Maybe it is taking that final step to being 100% plant based. Or stop being 100% plant based and adding fish /meat back into their eating (although one must be careful because your body must relearn how to digest meat again). If I can find the recipes for you, I am happy.

Super Bowl or  Super Belly. That title has so many different connotations to it. There is power in your belly.  Use it to your advantage.

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Copyright © 2021 The Food Whisperer - All Rights Reserved.