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Meet Our Chef

Chef Adrienne Falcone Godsell

I involuntarily fell into the world of food for health when I was 16 years old and diagnosed with hypoglycemia.  Our family doctor recommended I consider sugar poison, eat 5-6  small meals a day, protein rich, with complex carbohydrates. I did not know this was the first step in my calling to be  holistic chef but I did know that when I followed his direction  I was not moody, I stayed full of energy, I maintained a healthy weight, and stayed focused in my studies.

At 28, I entered into the world of health food store cafes and I learned that eating had everything to do with health. This is also when I began my formal education about food allergies, food antagonists and when my culinary ventures in “health food” prep began.

Since then,  I have poured all my culinary skills and experience that I acquired from private, corporate, and franchise restaurants, hotels and hospitals into the health food world which has culminated in what you have today.

Holistic Cooking

Figuring out what meal prep lifestyle is right for you is as different as the seasons changing. I have had the privilege of working some of the best integrative medicine and holistic health experts to learn how to make the substitutions needed for food allergies, or as I refer to them food antagonists. Being in the hospitality industry before falling into Holistic Cooking has given me the advantage of creating or re- creating traditional recipes without spending hours in the kitchen. My goal is to share 40 years of culinary expertise with YOU, and to empower YOU on your health journey, with food that is tasty, simple to make, and nourishing your for body and soul.

Please remember I am a chef not a dietitian.  I can follow whatever protocol your practitioner recommends you follow.  I cannot prescribe a menu for you.

Join the Chef’s Table

Where Adrienne will share her favorite meal prep hacks, healthy recipes and insights to all things health & food related.

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Copyright © 2021 The Food Whisperer - All Rights Reserved.