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Adrienne Falcone Godsell is a Holistic personal chef with an extensive background in culinary arts. After working in the hospitality industry for both restaurants and hotels for over 18 years, she redirected her passion for cooking to personal chefing for individuals who desire a more natural way of eating. Starting in the hospitality industry at 14 in her Father's Italian deli, she has the skills to create tasty, simply, balanced meals for you.

Join the Chef’s Table

Where Adrienne will share her favorite meal prep hacks, healthy recipes and insights to all things health & food related.

Personal Chef Services

Fees Include

  • Personalized Menu and Recipe Planning
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Meal Preparation
  • Meal Packaging 
  • Clean up

All meals are personalized to meet individual’s eating lifestyle.  Organic used at client’s discretion, all meats are hormone free and anti-biotic free. Fish is wild caught.  I only use all natural ingredients and seasonings without any form of MSG including caramel coloring. 


  • Begins at $285/HR PLUS GROCERIES

Weekly meal preparation:

  • 2 double portions and 1 single plus groceries
    • $95/5  meals
  • 5 double portions plus groceries
    • $185/10 meals

Keto Weekly meal preparation:

  • Preparation start at $750 plus groceries

Travel fees begin at $15 after 12 mile radius.

Personal Cooking Lessons

Offering a variety of cooking styles including plant based, raw, wheat-free and gluten-free.

    • Starting from $285/hr plus groceries for up to 4 people.

Skype lessons available for $150/30 minutes – includes 1 recipe, grocery list and full one pot wonder step by step instruction.  

Racking your brain for that special person in your life?

Have Chef(s) come to your home and prepare a personalized meal for two or the whole family!     

Contact us now.

Eating In Is The New Dining Out

In today’s busy world, eating out has become a guessing game of if and when you will be seated, when you will be served, and if what they have on the menu is available in the kitchen. 

We know this because all of these events have happened to us.  Sometimes in some very embarrassing entertainment situations.

Our solution– Eat In with Chefs Adrienne and Jeff!  Have one or both of us cook for you and your guests in the comfort of your dining room.  We discuss what you would like to serve, how much interaction you want from us, we do the shopping, cooking,  serving, and clean up, while you enjoy your guests.

We can make it a group cooking class; we can entertain you and your guests inviting you  into your kitchen to watch us prepare your meal; or you can sit back and enjoy time with your loved ones.

Options are endless.

Pricing begins at $285/hr plus groceries.

Holiday and weekend pricing vary.

Contact us now for availability.

Paleo Masterclass

Whether you’re looking to adopt a Paleo lifestyle or simply incorporate more wholesome and natural ingredients into your diet, exploring Paleo recipes can be a flavorful and rewarding journey toward improved health and culinary delight.

Keto Masterclass

Exploring Keto opens up a world of culinary possibilities that embrace the power of healthy fats and minimal carbohydrates. Whether you’re looking to shed pounds, optimize your health, or simply enjoy a flavorful and satisfying way of eating, Keto masterclass has something to offer for everyone.

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Copyright © 2021 The Food Whisperer - All Rights Reserved.