Want to eat better, but have no time to cook? Do you need to change your eating lifestyle but have no idea how to make any of those foods your health practitioner has recommended for you? I can help save you time in the kitchen, while making sure you are eating the foods you enjoy. I will work with you to plan menus that follow your ideal eating style, and then if you desire, teach you how to do it yourself.

Adrienne Falcone Godsell is a Holistic personal chef with an extensive background in culinary arts.  After working in the hospitality industry for both restaurants and hotels for over 18 years, she redirected her passion for cooking to personal chefing for individuals who desire a more natural way of eating. Starting in the hospitality industry over 35 years ago, I have the skills to create tasty, simply, balanced meals for you.

Personal Chef

Weekly meal preparation:  $80/5  meals ( 2 double portions and 1 single) plus groceries;  $155/10 meals plus groceries (5 double portions)

All meals are personalized to meet individual’s needs. Meal includes entree and 2C veggie servings.  Each recipe is designed to fit a person’s lifestyle, tastes and health.  Organic used when available, all meats are hormone free and anti-biotic free.  Fish is wild caught or eco sustained farm raised.  I only use all natural ingredients and seasonings without any form of MSG including caramel coloring.  

Fees Include

  • Personalized Menu and Recipe Planning
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Meal Preparation
  • Meal Packaging 
  • Clean up


Personal Cooking Lessons

Offering a variety of cooking styles including plant based, raw, wheat-free and gluten-free.
starting from $165/hr plus groceries for up to 4 people.

Skype lessons available for $80/30 minutes – includes 1 recipe, grocery list and full one pot wonder step by step instruction.

Cooking Party and Wine Pairings

Have a hands on cooking dinner party with your friends while learning four great recipes to eat together or add on to your favorite entree.  Starting from $165/hr plus groceries for up to 4 people.

Personalized options available upon request.

Add a wine pairing with PRP  preservative free, no added sulfites wines starting from $50.

Chef Adrienne offers a variety of topics that include Power Point presentations and recipes demo’s, as well as 1 hour cooking lessons in house or virtually. Contact Adrienne for further information.

Diane A.

I love working with Adreanne and the delicious and healthy meals that she cooks. Its amazing to have such great tasting meals that are all very healthy, even my kids and husband are eating their veggies in her recipes 🙏

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