The Real Language Of Food

This book is a collection of over 70 of my easiest recipes to assist you on your clean eating journey. This is a Baby Steps approach to cleansing your palate and learning what foods nourish your body. The recipes in my book are 80% plant based, easy to read labeled-Soups; Cold Dishes; Hot Dishes; Meat, Fish, Poultry- so that you know what you have right from the beginning. There are beans, seeds and nuts in recipes. Gluten free grains are in the last section as well as a few that have goat cheese.

If you listen to what your body is telling you when you eat, you will learn your own body’s dialect that it has with the foods you are eating.

Three parts to this process – Cleansing Your Palate; the beginning of reintroduction of foods, Vocabulary; and finally your transformation with Pygmalion.

One of my all time favorite shows is My Fair Lady, aka Pygmalion. A common flower girl has a seed planted in her mind that with the proper training/education of manners and speech, she could be treated as royalty. And so she does. Food CAN nourish your body if you listen and honor yourself vs. stuffing whatever you FEEL like eating.

I believe that everyone should love themselves, especially through what they are eating/drinking. There is so much conflicting information out there and it is only through learning your own body’s needs that you will find what foods work for you.

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