Can You Be Too Healthy?

I was listening to Dr. Garko on the radio the other morning, and his topic was ‘The Over-nourished Cell”.  It was quite interesting to hear someone talking about the research done that you can have too much nutrition in your body and that it can actually cause just as much damage to your health asContinue reading “Can You Be Too Healthy?”

After the Cleanse

Hello.  How many of you out there have ever done a detox?  How many of you have ever put thought into the detox BEFORE you began?  I mean a well thought out “What are my intentions going into this?”, “What will I be doing differently once I am done to stay feeling as fabulous asContinue reading “After the Cleanse”

The 2nd Half of Your Life

When does the second half of your life begin?  When you are 50?  When you become an ‘Empty Nester”?  When you retire?   Do you have to wait to be “older” in order for the second half of your life to begin? What do you want to do with the second half of your life?Continue reading “The 2nd Half of Your Life”

Something a Little Different

Hey there!  I was getting a little bored with my blogs, so I had to find what I wanted to do different.  So here we go. Juicing has become that latest and greatest craze for those wanting the ‘quick fix’, yet it is also the best way to get and stay healthy.  When done properly.Continue reading “Something a Little Different”

Food Antagonists – Or How to Turn a Negative into a Positive

I have been having some interesting conversations with people lately about their health and food.  Or rather the relation of food concerning their health conditions.  Now, I am full blooded Sicilian, so you CANNOT tell me food isn’t important.  Heck, since I began teething and my parents gave me chunk of salami to gnaw onContinue reading “Food Antagonists – Or How to Turn a Negative into a Positive”

Your Gut Your Health: It’s as Easy as P, F, V, W

Good morning and Happy New Year!  I thought a great way to begin your New Year’s resolutions was to give you a leg up on how to optimize your health.  The way I see it, there are 3 easy steps you can take to get yourself in order.  Probiotics, Fresh Raw Fruit and Veggies, andContinue reading “Your Gut Your Health: It’s as Easy as P, F, V, W”

5 Things Your Dr. Might Not Know to Tell you About Stomach Acid

Good Morning. How are you feeling today?  Have you taken your vitamins and fish oils this morning?  How was your morning workout?  Do you feel energized  or are you feeling fatigued and not well rested?  I am asking you these questions because the fatigue, high/low acid stomach,and   inflammation  could be due to how you areContinue reading “5 Things Your Dr. Might Not Know to Tell you About Stomach Acid”

Don’t Wanna!!!

Good Morning.  That’s actually how I feel today.  Do you have those days too?  And it is difficult to do all the right things when that happens.  So what do you do when it does? I’ll tell you what I do.  I choose from my evil baddies, what is the least of all evils?  Sometimes,Continue reading “Don’t Wanna!!!”

3 Steps to Eating at This Time of Year and Keeping Your Belly Healthy

There are some very interesting symptoms that crop up this time of year.  Weight gain, upset stomach, enhanced digestive distress.  My question is, why would anyone want to punish themselves with these symptoms when they can be, for the most part, avoided with a few easy steps? Let me put it this way, most digestiveContinue reading “3 Steps to Eating at This Time of Year and Keeping Your Belly Healthy”

A Few Words About Digestion and Your Health

Good Morning.  I have pretty much made it my life’s mission to educate myself about food and it’s intimate connect to our health.  I mean, how else can you explain why 2 people can eat the exact same foods and end up with completely different body shapes, blood results and health?  Think about it, IContinue reading “A Few Words About Digestion and Your Health”