Wait, What? With all the talk of self-empowerment, positive self-talk, and self-nurturing, has anyone thought about this from a food standpoint? Let’s think about this for a minute- “Oh, I had a really hard day, I deserve this dessert.”  “What a crazy meeting, it’s time for happy hour.” “I am not going to get throughContinue reading “NURTURING YOURSELF THROUGH NUTRITION”

Can You Be Too Healthy?

I was listening to Dr. Garko on the radio the other morning, and his topic was ‘The Over-nourished Cell”.  It was quite interesting to hear someone talking about the research done that you can have too much nutrition in your body and that it can actually cause just as much damage to your health asContinue reading “Can You Be Too Healthy?”

Are You Keeping Yourself Tuned In?

Good Afternoon!  How are you  doing today?  I have to say for myself vacillating between pretty good and fabulous.  I’m asking you this question because we have a tendency to tune ourselves out when we really need to be listening inwards. What are you talking about Adrienne?  Glad you asked.  I came across this thoughtContinue reading “Are You Keeping Yourself Tuned In?”


Does anybody remember that song from the ’80’s?  Only it’s ‘Looking for Love in all the Wrong Places’.  I feel that way some days when things just aren’t right.  I know what I need to be eating, I just look in the wrong place.  Or rather I give myself permission to look in the wrongContinue reading “LOOKING FOR FOOD IN ALL THE WRONG PLACES”

Foods and Moods

That’s a mouthful isn’t it?  I was up the other night flipping through channels, and it is amazing how the number of  food commercials increases as the evening progresses.  Not only that, but also how they change from healthy to bingey foods.  Which brings me to my topic du jour – Foods and Moods.  SimilarContinue reading “Foods and Moods”

How Long Are You Going to Sit Around And Wait?

I have just hit my limit again.  I say again, because we have so many of them.   We create our own limits.  And we can also shatter that ceiling any time we want to.  I bet you didn’t know that.  Or maybe you didn’t want to. See, Iv’e been doing a large amount ofContinue reading “How Long Are You Going to Sit Around And Wait?”

5 Things Your Dr. Might Not Know to Tell you About Stomach Acid

Good Morning. How are you feeling today?  Have you taken your vitamins and fish oils this morning?  How was your morning workout?  Do you feel energized  or are you feeling fatigued and not well rested?  I am asking you these questions because the fatigue, high/low acid stomach,and   inflammation  could be due to how you areContinue reading “5 Things Your Dr. Might Not Know to Tell you About Stomach Acid”

3 Steps to Eating at This Time of Year and Keeping Your Belly Healthy

There are some very interesting symptoms that crop up this time of year.  Weight gain, upset stomach, enhanced digestive distress.  My question is, why would anyone want to punish themselves with these symptoms when they can be, for the most part, avoided with a few easy steps? Let me put it this way, most digestiveContinue reading “3 Steps to Eating at This Time of Year and Keeping Your Belly Healthy”

To Eat and What to Eat? That is the Question.

Good Morning and welcome to a new week.  Since food is my passion and assisting people with their health through the food they eat is my calling, I thought this would be a good topic, seeing all the various food choices we have. There is so much information out there about what foods are goodContinue reading “To Eat and What to Eat? That is the Question.”

Empowered or Enabled?

Good Morning Everybodeeeee!!!!!!  I trust this is finding things well with you.  And if not, I know things can get difficult, just know that things will get better.  They always do, it’s simply a matter of the glass half full viewpoint in life. That is my topic today – Do you want  to be EmpoweredContinue reading “Empowered or Enabled?”