The 2nd Half of Your Life

When does the second half of your life begin?  When you are 50?  When you become an ‘Empty Nester”?  When you retire?   Do you have to wait to be “older” in order for the second half of your life to begin? What do you want to do with the second half of your life?Continue reading “The 2nd Half of Your Life”

Foods and Moods

That’s a mouthful isn’t it?  I was up the other night flipping through channels, and it is amazing how the number of  food commercials increases as the evening progresses.  Not only that, but also how they change from healthy to bingey foods.  Which brings me to my topic du jour – Foods and Moods.  SimilarContinue reading “Foods and Moods”

My Thoughts About Energy

Here’s a new one – as I am sitting here at my favorite trampoline place, catching my breath after jumping with my boys who are on Spring Break – I ponder:where does all their energy come from?  And so, I go am going back to my science classes – kinetic, sound, potential, thermal, okay, tooContinue reading “My Thoughts About Energy”

How sweet is too sweet?

Hello.  This thought came to mind while I was preparing a presentation the other day.  Do you remember as a teenager or young adult (or maybe now), ordering your chips and queso, double cheeseburger with curly fries and a diet soft drink, to ‘cancel out the other calories you are ingesting’.  Or maybe also becauseContinue reading “How sweet is too sweet?”

Do You Demonize Your Food?

This thought occurred to me the other day while I was at a party.  Someone had mentioned having a glass of wine, then looked at me waiting for approval.  “It’s a fruit serving for the day,”.  I laughed, because I had a  glass of wine in my hand all ready.  And that is when itContinue reading “Do You Demonize Your Food?”

5 Things Your Dr. Might Not Know to Tell you About Stomach Acid

Good Morning. How are you feeling today?  Have you taken your vitamins and fish oils this morning?  How was your morning workout?  Do you feel energized  or are you feeling fatigued and not well rested?  I am asking you these questions because the fatigue, high/low acid stomach,and   inflammation  could be due to how you areContinue reading “5 Things Your Dr. Might Not Know to Tell you About Stomach Acid”

Don’t Wanna!!!

Good Morning.  That’s actually how I feel today.  Do you have those days too?  And it is difficult to do all the right things when that happens.  So what do you do when it does? I’ll tell you what I do.  I choose from my evil baddies, what is the least of all evils?  Sometimes,Continue reading “Don’t Wanna!!!”