Bone Density r Where’s the Calcium?

Last week I had my bone density tested.  After all, I am 44, and have a family history on my mother’s side for bone loss.  I tested on the low side of good.  Now, I am not one to look at the the glass half empty.  I am however, one who looks at preventative measures,Continue reading “Bone Density r Where’s the Calcium?”

A Few Words About Probiotics

There are many discussions about probiotics these days.  So much, in fact, that even Centrum has a probiotic, too.  And if Centrum is on the bandwagon, there must be something to it, right?  It’s no longer ‘tree hugger’ material hype that the health food nuts are wackadoo on. If that’s the case, then where doesContinue reading “A Few Words About Probiotics”

Good Morning World!

Hippocrates — “Let food be thy medicine & let thy medicine be food” I didn’t realize until my late twenties/early thirties how relevant that statement was in my life as well as everyone around me.  In high school I became hypoglycemic due to my AWESOME lunch consisting of hot fudge brownie sundaes/or an ice creamContinue reading “Good Morning World!”