It starts with Halloween, then Thanksgiving, Christmas/Hannukah, New Year’s, Super Bowl, (Gasparilla if you live in Tampa although it has been postponed), Valentine’s and finally Mardi Gras. Or do we add in Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day? What am I talking about? Food, eating, breaking diets, overeating, inflammation, bloating, gas, splurging, fallingContinue reading “SUPER BOWL OR SUPER BELLY”

It Happens To Me Also!!! aka Are You A Victim Of Yourself?

Fall off the wagon? Ever have those times when you are going super strong on your healthiest path only to have an injury or major crisis interrupt your journey? I did on September 25, 2020 when I was rear ended.  It was only a minor bump, or so I thought.  Most of the physical carContinue reading “It Happens To Me Also!!! aka Are You A Victim Of Yourself?”

Is That Cocktail, Dessert, Coffee, Nacho Plate- You Fill In the Blank-Really Worth It?

So, over the Christmas holiday I did something that  I do not normally do, I indulged through January 2. Well, lets be clear, indulging for me is making and eating gluten free dairy free desserts, eating/drinking after p.m., eating whatever was at gatherings I attended (which were not many), stopping my intermittent fasting.  But still,Continue reading “Is That Cocktail, Dessert, Coffee, Nacho Plate- You Fill In the Blank-Really Worth It?”

Adrienne’s Healthy Food Hacks

So you know you are supposed to be adding more fruits and veggies to your daily eating.  And you know that how much damage added sugar is doing to your body.  But are you really having to sacrifice flavor for health?  And really, how difficult is it going to be and how much are youContinue reading “Adrienne’s Healthy Food Hacks”

Cooking-The Intimidation Factor

For as  much as I love to cook, I was SUPER intimidated by the thought flying solo in a professional kitchen at the beginning of my career.  Yes seriously. Now to give you some background as to here I believe my inner doubt came from, I was a pronie as a child.  Professional pronie completeContinue reading “Cooking-The Intimidation Factor”

Healthy Foods Vs. Fake Foods

I am about to open a Pandora’s Box on Food. And I would love to hear opinions.  I am being honest when I say that I want to learn or least would like to consider myself open to hearing opinions differing from my own.  Conversation, Discernment, Logic. Here we go-when I first dove into healthContinue reading “Healthy Foods Vs. Fake Foods”

To Eat And What To Eat Part Deux

Knowing food has everything to do with brain health (our gut is our second-or first brain if you did not already know this), I am sorting through what I need to be eating (and avoid eating for now) for optimal brain function. I had a hiccup in my life a couple weeks ago and asContinue reading “To Eat And What To Eat Part Deux”

To Eat And What To Eat, That Is The Question

Grain free, gluten free, whole grain, Paleo, Keto, lectin free, fermented, non-fermented, low sodium, plant based, dairy free, nut free, allergen free. What am I supposed to eat to keep me healthy???!!! I know, right? There is information overload and so much contradictory information out there.  For me, I cannot do Keto eating. As fabulous,Continue reading “To Eat And What To Eat, That Is The Question”

Healthy Care or Sick Care

I have been encountering this question more and more lately in my head.  Who likes to be sick? Who likes to be healthy? And yet EVERY DAY, people choose to stay sick in their chronic dis-eases – diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity, thyroid issues, heart disease, glandular issues, hormone issues, depression/anxiety disorders, digestiveContinue reading “Healthy Care or Sick Care”