Food has always been at the center of my family gatherings ā€“ celebrating milestones, to comfort a loss, or just because we decided it was too long since we had seen a friend. Over 22 years ago, I learned that food is also what can contribute to aches, pains, and a variety of health issues. I believe that food has assisted me in healing and supporting my health, and would love to share my culinary expertise with you.


Figuring out what eating lifestyle is right for you is as different as the seasons changing. I have had the privilege of working some of the best integrative medicine and holistic health experts to learn how to make the substitutions needed for food allergies, or as I refer to them food antagonists. Being in the hospitality industry before falling into Holistic Cooking has given me the advantage of creating or re- creating traditional recipes without spending hours in the kitchen. My goal is to share my over 35 years of culinary expertise with YOU, and to empower YOU on your health journey, with food that is tasty, simple to make, and nourishing your for body and soul.

With all the conflicting eating lifestyles presented on an ongoing basis, it can be overwhelming to decide what eating style is right for you. The Food Whisperer takes your palate likes and disikes to create personalized meals for you. I blend over 35 years of chef training with nutrition study in order to serve my clients better. I know the real life connection between food and health, that meals need to be flavorful and simple to prepare. My goal is to show you that your food can be flavorful, nutritious, and unintimidating at the same time.

Let’s make something together.

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