I was recently on Bloom TV (Channel Great 38 Tampa) doing a cooking demo.  Before being on the show one needs to complete a booking sheet with your topic.  Discussing with my friend pre-booking sheet, she brought up how my recipes and new book are a Godsend for her because she had put on “The Viral 15”.

She went on-due to being in lockdown and then working at home, the physical activity has been put to an al time low.  Then, on top of that, one gets involved with all these super distracting and super enabling videos sharing their latest and greatest new cocktail, dessert, comfort food (to wear while being in your stretchy pajamas, leggings, oversized shirt because who is paying attention?).  These entertaining videos are telling you it is okay to be not okay and to hide yourself in food and beverages.  And then one morning you wake up to go out to the store and your pants, shorts, (fill in the blank) do not fit you anymore.  Now what do you do?

There is also the latest report out that over half, maybe two thirds, of all Americans are complaining of neck, back and joint pain due to lack of mobility (and poor posture working in our comfy chair vs. a desk, or from our beds. Oh, and just so you know, those aches and pains can be from what you have (and have not) been eating also.

Thank you, mighty Food Whisperer, for those eye-opening observations. That does not help me get anywhere with my newly acquired issues (or maybe they were gone and have crept back into play).  You are correct as well my friend.  So where do you start and what is the plan of attack?

My opinion-you have your Evil Baddies as I like to call them to pick and choose from when it comes to food.  Some people are the All In-ers as I like to call them (I am one of them).  You decide you are going to do something and go full speed ahead, past in the mirror, easy peasy.  Weeeeelllllll, no everyone has that personality.  One needs to test the waters so to speak, and see what is do-able. Here are my Evil Baddies to read the labels on foods you are eating to pick and choose from to avoid.

High fructose corn syrup ( all syrups for that matter)

Artificial sweeteners (some can have agave nectar or monk fruit, some cannot)

Bleached white flour

Refined sugar (processed anything really)

MSG and friends (disodium guanylate, disodium inosinate)

Common food allergens (soy, dairy, wheat, corn, gluten, nuts)

Do you need to do these all at once? That is up to you.  Will  avoiding these items assist in your journey towards enhanced health?   I am here as an educator.  I have seen many positive results for people who find their food antagonists.  I have worked with many medical practitioners who recommend eating this eating lifestyle.  You can pay for food allergy tests so that you can see the hard results.  Problem is that your body shifts so what is valid at that moment in time may not be what is happening by the time you get your results. Plus, then our inner child tends to rebel when we are told we cannot have X, Y, or Z foods.  So, stay in charge of your inner child and pick what will work for you.

I just released my new book Clean Eating Made Easy Meals In Minutes which has 32 recipes with grocery lists.  Most are Paleo, some have gluten free pasta, brown basmati rice or potato.  They are simple recipes that will have 2 cups of veggies and 4 oz protein on your plate in 30 minutes or less ( I think one my take a little longer).

Sarah Bingham, Fast Food Healing, licensed dietician, and nutritionist recommends 2 cups cooked veggies with each meal.  I have seen amazing things happen with her clients.

Point is, add more veggies to your daily eating, say No to the enabling media that wants to keep you sick , and say Yes to your healthiest you.


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Copyright © 2021 The Food Whisperer - All Rights Reserved.