It Happens To Me Also!!! aka Are You A Victim Of Yourself?

Fall off the wagon? Ever have those times when you are going super strong on your healthiest path only to have an injury or major crisis interrupt your journey?

I did on September 25, 2020 when I was rear ended.  It was only a minor bump, or so I thought.  Most of the physical car damage was done to the person’s who hit me car.  But I knew I was not right. For starters, my right shoulder and neck area were super sore and so was my right hip. And then for about 3-4 weeks I was spontaneously crying for no reason. That was great when I am shopping for a client, or at the dentist office. But I embraced it and went with the flow.

The worst part was not being able to exercise right when I had gotten into a perfect groove and beginning to see results because I was injured and had to heal. And not sleeping at night did not help things at all. Frustration due to limitations makes life difficult.


Do you give in to all the pain and fall back into comfort foods and beverages that numb you (mind and body) or do you continue to move forward at a MUCH SLOWER PACE knowing that this is a speed bump?  I think that is a trick question, because most of the foods/beverages that numb you 1. are only a temporary fix that comes back wayyyy to soon, and 2. created an INCREDIBLE amount of inflammation in your body that creates even more PAIN and limitations.  Plus, when you fall into that deep abyss, then you almost go back to square one because you must flush all that stuff OUT of your body AGAIN.

So I played a little game with myself called “Let’s live like the rest of the world.” and for 3 weeks did my version of conventional eating (my last blog). 

Especially when I had been getting my mobility and gut motility flowing rather well. Yet getting back on my wagon was exactly what I did, and I am feeling soooo much better. Would it be right to beat myself up for making ‘wrong’ food and beverage choices?  No. Why? I

s victimhood part of your life?

Get over it!


What does it serve you to be a victim of yourself? Or anyone/anything else? 

Is your name Martyr?

I look back to my college days when the song “Victim of Love was out”-remember that one? And I had just gotten through another rough patch of dating and I had said to my roommate that I was of victim of love.  She looked at me and said with a smirk “You are a victim of yourself.” I felt quite indignant at the time (I was 19, who wouldn’t?).

My point being you fall of your wagon. Do you sit and cry while your wagon keeps moving on without you?  Or do you “Pick yourself up, brush yourself off, and start all over again.”?

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Copyright © 2021 The Food Whisperer - All Rights Reserved.