Healthy Care or Sick Care

I have been encountering this question more and more lately in my head. 

Who likes to be sick?

Who likes to be healthy?

And yet EVERY DAY, people choose to stay sick in their chronic dis-eases – diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity, thyroid issues, heart disease, glandular issues, hormone issues, depression/anxiety disorders, digestive issues (GERD, reflux, gastritis, inflammatory bowel disease, etc.).

Don’t get me wrong, THESE ARE ALL VERY REAL HEALTH ISSUES.  There ARE NOT incurable illnesses. These ARE NOT dis-eases that must happen as we get older. Over the past 18+ years of my life I have learned that eating and lifestyle choices have EVERYTHING TO DO with beating the curve.

Yes, this does take educating yourself and finding knowledgeable practitioners that will not scam you out of every last cent. It also takes discipline, accountability, a strong support system, and work  on your end.

And I find people every week who actively choose to stay sick.  It empowers them to have a reason why they cannot start/finish a project, why they are so tired, why they cannot exercise, why they cannot function at a higher level, why x,y,z- you put in the reason. 

Again, I have my own issues-I am prone to heart disease, strokes, depression, obesity, and diabetes.  My Mother had her first heart attack (stress related) when she was 44.  Doctor told her is she wanted to watch her children grow up she had to stop practicing law.  She then proceeded to have high cholesterol for the rest of her life (triglycerides were perfect though), and began her strokes at 63.  My 2 other aunts also had a history of strokes and heart issues before they died.  I take after my Mom’s side and so need to watch my heart health (there is something called the MTHFR gene that gives you this predisposition, and it can be deactivated).

So here I am, 52 and going in a still healthy direction,  Zero prescriptions to date, weight within healthy norms, blood work-HDL a little low but LDL good and sugar and triglycerides stellar. I exercise regularly, modify my eating lifestyle to whatever season my body responds to, and use various modalities for body/mind/spiritual balance.

I did have a very dark time in my life with postpartum depression for a solid year and a half, complete with prescription meds and therapy until I read an article about fish oils and manic-depressive disorder.  When I experimented with that, my black hole went away with a month. I am quite familiar with depression and anxiety (another part of the MTHFR gene), and am also an advocate for proper nutrition and therapy to work THROUGH IT.

So, why do you want to stay in sick care vs. healthy care? What is serving you by staying in sick care?

After watching my Mother live a slow, painful death, I chose at that moment that I wanted to avoid having my children go through that pain. 

Who enjoys watching their once vibrant,  dynamic, animated, buzzing, robust parent/friend/loved one vanish painfully in front of their eyes? 

Who has had this happen and feel completely helpless when you may have had answers that would have helped them, but they refused?

Now do you want your loved ones to experience that exact same pain and heartache?  Seriously, think about it.  If you could avoid giving others the same pain and heartache you experienced, what better gift is there to give?

Do you want to live sick or die healthy? 

Yes, we are all going to die one day.  Expected or unexpected it is going to happen.  And yes, there are so many variables that are out there regardless of what we choose to do or not do.

At the end of the day, at the end of my days, I want to be able to say I did my best with what I given.

The Gift of Life.  Your life is a gift to others.  YOU are a GIFT to others.  Be that your entire life.

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