The Justification Game Or How Much Do You Value Yourself?

We all play this game, don’t we?  Whether it is about work, life choices, relationships, family entanglements, food, or beverages we are consuming, or recreational consumptions. I have been watching the series Mayans.  It is a spin off from  Sons Of Anarchy, picking up with another MC.  That is not really my point.  There isContinue reading “The Justification Game Or How Much Do You Value Yourself?”


Wait, What? With all the talk of self-empowerment, positive self-talk, and self-nurturing, has anyone thought about this from a food standpoint? Let’s think about this for a minute- “Oh, I had a really hard day, I deserve this dessert.”  “What a crazy meeting, it’s time for happy hour.” “I am not going to get throughContinue reading “NURTURING YOURSELF THROUGH NUTRITION”