To Eat And What To Eat Part Deux

Knowing food has everything to do with brain health (our gut is our second-or first brain if you did not already know this), I am sorting through what I need to be eating (and avoid eating for now) for optimal brain function.

I had a hiccup in my life a couple weeks ago and as a Traumatic Brain Injury Advocate, I love to share all things I learn about it and what can be done to perpetuate ongoing healing. 

In my Theory-since our bodies are constantly renewing/regenerating cells, then it stands to hold that if we provide the proper nutrients for it, then the cells being created will be healthy, ergo digestion/healthy gut healthy body/brain.

Now I know this can go in so many different directions because we no longer live in the Garden of Eden without stress and dis-ease. A friend I used to work with said one day while we were prepping food-“You eat healthy and you die. You smoke cigarettes and you die. You jog 5 miles a day and you die.  You eat sugar and you die.”  You get the drift.  My point is, as I have said multiple times Do you want to die healthy or live sick?

The real turning point in my life was my Mother’s death.  She died after a very harsh, painful, battle with an unknown cause.  All the Western/allopathic medicine could not find a reason.  At the end it was cardiac arrest-probably from the nonstop, ‘exquisite’ pain (yes, that is exactly what they labeled it) she was under.  And a mass that they had somehow missed in her abdomen. Point here is-she was old school Sicilian, did not believe in exercise for health, smoked a pack a day, Loved coffee with her sugar and heavy cream, and desserts.  Now, the heavy cream part does not bother me because that is WHOLE MILK at it is finest.  But conventional dairy is loaded with toxins and the toxins sit in the fat.  Again, I digress, today’s foods, the last 50 years and what is coming, is not benefitting us on a conventional level of groceries available/promoted to us.

And the same with eating protocols.  The  way things are promoted these days, you would think these protocols are one size fits all. And they are not. Including my book, The Real Language Of Food Constructive Recipes For A Healthier You. I wrote it with the intent of wanting to educate, encourage, and empower people to make their own decisions on what is right for their own health. They are all simple side dishes intended to be paired with each other and with protein of choice. Yet, there are multiple food items that may be contradictory to MANY  of the protocols in existence.

Which brings me to my Part Deux. Gundry and Perimutter are all about grain brain and inflammatory foods.  Which to avoid, how to possibly eat something that you like and is on the No List.  And then you have the side that says that fermented foods and bone broth are bad for you.  And both are correct for SOME PEOPLE out there. And some people can have a sampling of all the foods on both lists. It truly depends on your constitutional make up at that particular point in time.

And it also depends on your emotional/traumatic baggage and how well you genuinely WANT TO BE. I want to health my brain rattling that I had happen.  I know I need to stay away from grains and sugar and dairy and alcohol and starchy carbs to accelerate healing, decrease/eliminate inflammation, stay positive in order to create new happy pathways vs. depressive/anxiety pathways.

So, what am I craving right now?  Rice, noodles, Asian dumplings, sourdough bread, pastries, cakes, grilled cheese. Everything that NUMBS MY BRAIN. Gluten, sugar,  and dairy specifically act as opioids in the brain. That is why they are SO TOXIC  for those with autism, adhd, dementia, Alzheimer’s, all brain issues. These substances act as numbing agents which is great because it makes you tune out the noise and anxiety, BUT it also stops you from thinking clearly and succinctly to learn from the problems at hand and how to cope with situations, aka heal, grow, learn.

While right now I am supposed to following the Blood Type A eating that has me consuming small amounts of gluten free grains and beans and restricts my consumption of animal proteins, I need some of that for repair purposes. And I need to continue to avoid all grains and beans for right now because my body is saying a big loud NO! I am sticking to copious amounts of veggies, and about 8 oz protein a day and right now my body likes it. How do I know? My poop tells me so. You can find to all sorts of info about digestion and poop.  Lorie Roman/Foodscript Food Sensitivity Awareness posted info a couple weeks ago on her Insta.

Summary-You will get as far as you WANT to with your health with what you are eating.  Yes, there are all sorts of other things to take into consideration. Yet instead of ‘You are what you eat’, maybe it is “You are what you are eat, AND HOW YOU FEEL WHEN YOU ARE EATING”.

Til next time. MANGIA!

Published by Adrienne Falcone Godsell

As a Holistic Chef and foodie, I am in continual search of practical, tasty, healthy options to help people with when they are sick and tired of being sick and tired. Seeing changes in my life from the food I eat (I was hypoglycemic in high school and found that by I could control my sugar by what I ate) I approach health from a food aspect first. As Hippocrates said "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food". Food has the power of life and healing inside of it. I am here to provide you with the keys to unlock that power inside of you.

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