Hunger Pangs or Mal- Nourishment?

This thought came to me this weekend while camping for the first time in my life.  Yes, here I am, almost 45 and I have NEVER camped.  But that’s beside the point.  It took me a week to figure out what I was going to bring for food (It was my son’s Cub Scout pack) and going crazy trying not to go with the ‘Pop Tarts and hot dogs’ that everyone said is fine to bring.  Except for me!!!!  I could not in my right mind do this.  But then what do you bring for 3 days that won’t go bad and still have some living foods, not just dried fruits and nuts, cereals and canned foods?

Well, after doing a bunch of research (I am slow on things), I figured it out!  Gluten free breakfast burritos,  bean and (separate of course) beef burritos for the kids, make some burgers and freeze them, roasted veggies, kale chips, a rice and bean dish (made into packets to heat on the fire), tabouli, and fresh fruit.  So while everyone else was going through bags of chips and cookies and energy drinks in the hot sun, I felt pretty satisfied with what I brought.  I didn’t crave anything, stayed hydrated and the kids did pretty good too.  They only had 2 s’mores each.

See here’s the thing.  As a nutritionist, foodie and being Sicilian, food is everything tin my world since conception.  Once I learned food could heal the body and can also kill the body, I took it on as my personal mission to assist, educate and empower those who want to learn more.    As a former fat person, I know the hurt of being fat, the bullying, the insecurity, the comfort of food.  Watching my mother live a slow, painful death, I also know the power food can have to heal.  Becoming a nutritionist was one of the biggest eye openers for me, once I learned how proper nutrition can heal the body, unlock allergies, stop inflammation.  ‘Hunger pangs’/cravings haven’t always been an issue in this world.  See, there is a difference between actual starvation hunger pangs and ‘malnutrition’ hunger pangs – or food cravings.  Don’t get me wrong – the hunger is real.  And so is the malnourishment.  We are starving ourselves to get thin by substituting sugar free, fat free foods that are depleting our bodies of vitamins and minerals needed to natural metabolic function.  For example, our brains need cholesterol for food.  But we categorize cholesterol as bad instead of addressing the fact that it is the way we are eating and what fake foods we are putting into our bodies that are hurting our hearts and blood and liver. We are eating more processed, fake, GMO food on a daily basis and then when we have digestive issues it’s an acid issue?  NO!!! It’s an enzyme issue because our bodies cannot produce digestive enzymes to produce the Hcl to break the food down.  Our bodies are forced to choose between producing metabolic enzymes to stay alive and digestive enzymes to digest the food.  It cannot multi task at such an enormous rate.  Just like we can only multi task so far.

So what can we do about this?  Go back to what our grandparents did and make our own meals from scratch.  Plan your day’s meals or the week if it is easier.  Make the time in your day planner for your health. by eating meals you make.

Take a whole food, raw multi, like Touchstone Essentials – essentials that has 33 SERVINGS of veggies, fruits and herbs a DAY.  I’ll tell you what, I have noticed a huge difference in my food cravings since taking them.  Part of my brain is like “This is a time when I should have chocolate”  and then the other part says “Ok, but I don’t want it”   Seriously.  It’s pretty funny.  I’ll have a dialogue with myself as to why should I eat something I don’t even want or crave because this is a situation where I would have it.

Nutrition.  Vitamins.  Trace Minerals.  Proper pH balance.  It’s all possible.  And the benefits are too numerous to list.  If you want more information, contact me on my website.  Touchstone is on there also if you would like to try it.  You and your health are so worth it.

I wouldn’t be taking them if it wasn’t.

Published by Adrienne Falcone Godsell

As a Holistic Chef and foodie, I am in continual search of practical, tasty, healthy options to help people with when they are sick and tired of being sick and tired. Seeing changes in my life from the food I eat (I was hypoglycemic in high school and found that by I could control my sugar by what I ate) I approach health from a food aspect first. As Hippocrates said "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food". Food has the power of life and healing inside of it. I am here to provide you with the keys to unlock that power inside of you.

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