Bone Density r Where’s the Calcium?

Last week I had my bone density tested.  After all, I am 44, and have a family history on my mother’s side for bone loss.  I tested on the low side of good.  Now, I am not one to look at the the glass half empty.  I am however, one who looks at preventative measures, and when numbers are on the down side of good, i look at what I am able to do to make them better.  That is after all, what prevention is about, right?

Doubly fortunate for me, the people I received the test from was well equipped with suggestions on what to do to increase my bone density.  These suggestions included weight bearing exercises, calcium rich foods and calcium supplementation.  These suggestions, while good, raised questions in my mind.  What if someone is dairy intolerant or a vegan?  What about all the warnings on tv concerning calcium uptake and indigestion issues?  What can people do about that and where do they find answers?  What are the best sources of bioavailable calcium?

Glad you asked.  Green superfoods, especially Hydrilla Verticillata , are the best sources for bioavailable calcium.  This fresh water plant contains over 700mg of calcium in 1 tablespoon along with B12, iron and magnesium , which is important for proper uptake of calcium.  When looking at calcium supplementation, you want something that the body identifies, and can utilize with the least amount of effort.  Taking a supplement from a plant source, in its original form, the body doesn’t have to on finding the other pieces of the puzzle needed to put it into its frame to make the picture.

Foods that are plant based, such as sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, blackstrap molasses, collard greens, almonds, Brazil nuts, northern beans, navy beans, garbanzo beans.  Check out the info by Harvard.

There is also the fact that the body will pull calcium from our own teeth and bones if we are not getting enough in the foods we eat.  Which brings me to my final point.  If our bodies are in an acidic state, (reflux, GERD, IBS, stress, weakened immune system), our body is going to work on bringing it back to its proper pH balance through calcium.  Where is it going to get the calcium?  From our bones.  How do we stop this?  Plant based digestive enzymes to help with digestive issues, probiotics to boost the immune system (and it helps with constipation), eating our dark leafy green veggies and adding some more plant based foods in our daily eating, and of course, add some of that great Hydrilla Verticillata when your world isn’t on auto pilot and you need an extra boost.

I know I’m adding a little extra of everything until my life is on cruise control.  After all, I want to be able to spoil my grandchildren when that time comes and then drop them off when I go to Tahiti.


Adrienne Falcone Godsell is a nutrition coach and natural food personal chef.  Her passion is helping people with chronic health issues who are “sick and tired of being sick and tired”, through education of learning how important what we put into our bodies effects our health.  She coaches and cooks in the Tampa Bay area, and hosts educational seminars and ‘un’cooking classes at Holistic Health Haven and Pilates Movement Studio.  You can find her on FB at Best of Both Worlds.

Published by Adrienne Falcone Godsell

As a Holistic Chef and foodie, I am in continual search of practical, tasty, healthy options to help people with when they are sick and tired of being sick and tired. Seeing changes in my life from the food I eat (I was hypoglycemic in high school and found that by I could control my sugar by what I ate) I approach health from a food aspect first. As Hippocrates said "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food". Food has the power of life and healing inside of it. I am here to provide you with the keys to unlock that power inside of you.

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